RPM is an online makeup school where students earn a certificate of graduation upon training completion. There are no memberships, no DVD’s, or makeup kits to sell. These Makeup Courses offers makeup school like no other with of unsurpassed quality from an actual University. Enroll RPM, the forerunner in elite, cutting-edge, makeup education with one of the world’s top makeup celebrities.

Class Comparison

Artistry Introductory

Master Artistry

Premier Artistry

Premier Artistry WFX

The Introductory Artistry Makeup Course is for the student who wants to develop a wide range of basic application skills and excel in the creation of multiple fashion looks. This is the most comprehensive course offered and provides the foundation and fundamentals of makeup application. These Courseswill not only help you acquire the ability to create multiple looks, we’ll share our expertise in helping you market your new skills as well.


The Master Artistry Course is for students who want to take their skill set to the next level. Students not only learn the fundamentals behind makeup application found in the Introductory Artistry Course, but also some of the trade secrets that will set them apart from others in the industry. Additionally, this course provides the student with an 18 pc. professional brush set. The course teaches students how each of these brushes work together to create the perfect look.


The Premier Artistry Course is designed for students who want the skills taught in the Master Artistry Class, but would like to add the highly-in-demand HD Airbrushing Techniques. This class provides in-depth instruction on Airbrush application, as well as how to incorporate this skill set directly into career opportunities.


The Ultimate Artistry with FX Course is the best for students who want it all! This course will teach you all the skills found in the Introductory, Master, and Premier Courses, but will also train you to create Hollywood special effect makeup in simple steps. This course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to create realistic prosthetics, and apply them with proper coloration and blending.



Pro Discounts

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RPM Online Makeup Courses are taught by world renowned celebrity makeup artist Rain Andreani. Many online makeup academies are taught by instructors that students have little interaction with and their credentials are unknown. RPM Makeup Courses are unique; not only is your lead instructor one of Hollywood’s most sought after makeup artists with over 40 celebrity clients, but she gives each student individual one-on-one feedback. RPM Online Makeup Courses are unsurpassed.



Students of RPM will receive discounts from many of the top cosmetics lines around the globe. Take advantage of up to 60% lifetime discounts on all your makeup. The amount students save more than covers the cost of their courses.


Compare all four online makeup classes starting from the Introductory Artistry, Master Artistry, Premiers Artistry up to our Advanced Ultimate Artistry with FX and start your path to a new career today.



Three of our classes include a professional 18 piece brush set with a lavish leather case. Made from synthetic hair and designed to fit the needs of makeup artists and students, they are both functional and stylish–providing the perfect look and the perfect tools every time. Choose from 18 individual brushes for the face, eyes, and lips.




Q: Do I get Dvd’s

A: No all our classes are done in our online platform via computer, iPad, or smart phone.

Q: How long do I have to complete the course?

A: Up to one year.

Q: Will I get a certificate at the end of course?

A: Yes, you will get an original certificate of completion.

Q: How do I submit my assignments?

A: Through our learning platform online.

Q: Why are the courses so inexpensive?

A: We do not sell you expensive makeup kits. We give you a Pro Brush set and tell you what to use. We find most students are makeup aficionados so they have most of all their kit already.

Q: Will I receive a makeup kit with the class?

A: No, we do not sell you off-brand makeup kits. We work with every brand on the market and show you which ones are best for you. You create your own kit in each of our classes with easy, step-by-step instructions.

Q: Do I have to take any tests?

A: Yes, with every chapter students must pass an exam with a 85% or higher grade to pass to next level. There are no shortcuts.



Master Artistry designed for Mary Kay Consultants

Master Makeup Artists are specialized in their craft. They receive unique, cutting-edge

education that sets them apart from the rest of the industry. Now, celebrity

makeup artist Rain Andreani takes specifically tailored, comprehensive education

to an unparalleled level. Master Artistry designed for Mary Kay Consultants is

one of the most unique and finely honed courses available in the world. Rain

will teach Mary Kay beauty consultants her state of the art techniques,

specifically using Mary Kay products. Students will create the hottest Hollywood

looks with products they already have expertise in. Students can participate in

this one of a kind course with Rain Andreani as their instructor from anywhere

in the world by logging into a computer, smart phone or iPad. This specialized

course will not only assist you in fine tuning your expertise, it has the power

to increase your earnings by 50%!

Take a look at the cities where some of our RPM makeup graduates are now. Many are working all over the globe in new and exciting careers as makeup artists in: theater, film, runway, television, bridal, reality TV shows, and more….

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