Welcome to the beautiful city of Berlin, Germany! As heart of the Prussian kingdom, cultural centre of the Weimar Republic, headquarters of Hitler’s Third Reich and a key frontline flashpoint in the Cold War, Berlin has long been a weather vane of European and world history. World War II may have left the city devastated to such an extent that there was serious debate about leaving it in ruins, but in the following years the city did a remarkable job rebuilding. Reconstructions of its sixteenth-century core exist in the Nikolaiviertel, while nearby stand many rebuilt nineteenth-century buildings from the time when the city prospered as capital of the Second Reich. Little from the Third Reich has survived, and no one has cared to rebuild it, with the notable exception of the 1936 Olympic Stadium.The rest of Berlin is the product of post-war rebuilding, when the city was divided – ideologically and physically – by the Berlin Wall. West Berlin became a capitalist showcase of subsidized experimental architecture – the Philharmonie and the Neue Nationalgalerie for example – while in the east vast projects such as the Karl-Marx-Allee apartment blocks and radical TV tower were hymns to socialism. On both sides the era also produced vast housing estates, soulless prefabricated dwellings that remain reality for thousands of Berliners.During the Cold War, West Berlin’s unorthodox character made it a magnet for bohemians who flocked here attracted by a military service loophole and huge West German subsidies that funded a cutting-edge arts scene. Non-Germans came too, lured to Germany by promises of work, and to Berlin by its tolerance. Turks, Greeks and Italians arrived in the 1960s making Berlin Germany’s most cosmopolitan city – reflected in the excellent variety of cuisines on offer.

Since November 1989, when the Wall fell, there has been friction between those from the east and those from the west who quickly moved into the best parts of the eastern city. The German government brought a host of stimulating contemporary building projects when it moved back, but you don’t have to go far to find shabby areas untouched by federal funding. As the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, proudly proclaims, Berlin is “poor but sexy”.This is not a city where you can simply stroll and absorb the atmosphere; it has several main drags and no clear centre. Most visitors begin in the central and most historic Mitte district, along the city’s premier boulevard, Unter den Linden, and at key sights such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. This is where the Berlin Wall once stood and where modern buildings have long since sprouted, but it’s also the fringes of Berlin’s nineteenth-century imperial showpiece quarter, and its attendant statemuseums. Mitte also boasts tthe Nikolaiviertel, and the old centre of East Berlin, with its windswept plazas around Alexanderplatz. Spandauer Vorstadt, the old Jewish quarter, is the best-preserved nineteenth-century neighbourhood in the centre. Southwest of Mitte, commercial City West straddles sedate Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Schöneberg. Further out, Charlottenburg features the Baroque Schloss Charlottenburg –Berlin’s pocket Versailles –and the iconic 1930s Olympic Stadium. Schöneberg is Berlin’s oldest gay village, while Kreuzberg and its happening former East Berlin neighbour, Friedrichshain are nonconformist districts good for nightlife. Also in the former East and just as hip is Prenzlauer Berg, whose cobbled streets preserve the atmosphere of prewar Berlin. Berlin’s suburbs offer the former Stasi headquarters and prison in Lichtenberg, and the dense Grunewald forest.Which brings us to talk about the fantastic industry of beauty and makeup and it is also quite prominent for students who are looking to embark on a new career. Beauty and cosmetology are quite popular here. It is the perfect place to look for makeup schools and learn new cutting trends. If you are busy and have little time for makeup lessons at a location. Online training is the way to go. It is so convenient and can be done from virtually anwhere including an ipad or even an iphone. Embark on your dream career today!