RPM Makeup Academy introduces our newest Eyelash Extensions Course!

Eyelash extensions offer a wide variety of benefits and endless possibilities for your business!

· These eyelash extensions will keep their volume for several months with minimal care required.

· The extensions have a natural look.

· They feel very comfortable—just like your own lashes.

Your clients can still do all the regular activities they want, such as sunbathing, swimming, and visiting saunas. The extensions are water, light, and heat resistant. Your clients will also save time, since they won’t have to apply mascara anymore.

Add this exciting new service to your business and increase your revenue immediately!

See how much you can make as a part-time or full-time lash artist. Full-time lash artists can make over $100,000 a year. Get certified with our NEW EYELASH  EXTENSION COURSE.

The earning possibilities are endless! The eyelash extension business has experienced a explosion onto the national beauty service scene,   and you should capitalize on it now—not tomorrow, but right now!

Lash extensions require monthly touchups, guaranteeing a steady stream of repeat clients.

Day spa magazines reported that spas are adding this specialty service to their menus at breakneck speeds. Clients ranging from trendsetting celebrities—such as Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox—to regular women everywhere are lining up!

Women’s Wear Daily reported that the false-eyelash industry is a booming beauty service. Sales have increased by 6.2% up to 44 million for the year, and they’re still on the rise!

Eyelash Extension Course


Eyelash Extension Course



Eyelash Extension Course








The fastest way to get glamorous, fabulous, natural-looking eyelashes is to go with semi-permanent, beautiful eyelash extensions that will provide your client with longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes and are weightless for day and night wear. Eyelash extensions create the appearance of a brighter, more open, and restored eye, ultimately creating a more youthful and rejuvenated look. The main advantage of eyelash extensions is that mascara is no longer necessary. These lashes are also bigger at the base, so they create an effect similar to that of eyeliner.

This method is great for clients who want beautiful eyelashes every day. Each artificial lash is glued to the client’s natural lashes, making them look longer and thicker, but also natural at the same time. The eyelash extensions that we will be demonstrating with are the most sought-after lashes out there—synthetic lashes applied using a medical-grade adhesive. The adhesive is completely harmless, as it is made of natural materials. The length and color of eyelashes can be customized by your client and should be determined in the client consultation.

See how much you can make as a part time or full time EyeLash Artist:- Full time Lash Artists can make over 100k a year!

$200 Full Set x 5
(2 hours per set ) $1,000
(10 hours) $200 Full Set x 5
(2 hours per set ) $1,000
(10 hours)

$75 Touch ups x 5
(1 hour each) $375
(5 hours) $75 Touch ups x 15
(1 hour each) $1,125
(15 hours)

15 Hours p/week $1,375 25 Hours p/week $2,125

* these are all average prices and times