Welcome to the fabulous and electrifying JOHANNESBURG has had a reputation for striving, greed and violence ever since its first plot auction in 1886. It is said to be the largest and wealthiest city in the country, it has never been the seat of government or national political power, allowing it to concentrate fully on what it has always done best: make money and get ahead.The bewildering size of Jo’burg can be daunting for all but the most determined traveller. Some visitors fall into the trap of being too intimidated by the city’s reputation to explore, venturing out only to the bland, safe, covered shopping malls and restaurants of the northern suburbs while making hasty plans to move on. However, once you’ve found a convenient way of getting around, either by car or in the company of a tour guide, the history, diversity and crackling energy of the city can quickly become compelling. Johannesburg offers fascinating museums, most notably the Apartheid Museum in Gold Reef City and the Museum Africa in Newtown, as well as excellent art galleries. Several suburbs have a thriving café culture, which by the evening transforms into a lively restaurant scene.Shopping is Jo’burg’s biggest addiction, and the city offers an abundance of superb contemporary African art, fashion and design. And then there are the townships, most easily explored on a tour but, in some cases, possible to get to under your own steam.Jo’burg is also a great place to watch sport, with soccer, rugby and cricket teams commanding feverish support. Attending a soccer match between any of the three giants – Orlando Pirates, Kaizer Chiefs and Pretoria’s Mamelodi Sundowns – is an exhilarating experience. And of course, the 2010 Soccer World Cup will be headquartered in Johannesburg and the final held at the spectacularly refurbished Soccer City stadium, near Soweto, which will seat almost 95,000 fans.Which brings us to talk about the fantastic industry of beauty and makeup and it is also quite prominent for students who are looking to embark on a new career. Beauty and cosmetology are quite popular here. It is the perfect place to look for makeup schools and learn new cutting trends. If you are busy and have little time for makeup lessons at a location. Online training is the way to go. It is so convenient and can be done from virtually anwhere including an ipad or even an iphone. Embark on your dream career today!