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I choosed that look because I liked the eyeshadow color combination as well as the blush and the lip gloss color to go along with the hat look. I also choosed all makeup applications because the colors looked well together after the finished look. After watching, listening and following Rain, go step-by-step, explaining the usage of 18 piece makeup brushes, following the steps from begin to the end finish with the choosen models, how to build your clientele, how to match and pick from the color theory, when to highlight and contour. After being taught from this online makeup course the proper ways to becoming a makeup artist from Rain, someone that has been in the business for over 10 years, every step that was showed to me, was explained with no rushing, just the steps that she provided, showing the tools that are needed in all application of makeup artistry, the model she choosed, showing the steps she followed on them were helpful for me in becoming a great makeup artist. Everything that I’ve learned, from building a makeup kit, to not sharing client products with your own personal makeup products, cleaning all tools after each usage, just all and everything this course has taught me, has helped me to become and be ready to work in the makeup artist field. This course is the BEST and I know if I use and follow what I’ve learned, I’ll progress and grow to become a great makeup artist.

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Name Cynthia Davis

The look I have chosen is a mixture of Red Carpet Glam and Marlin Monroe signature look.
I believe in this look because the transformation which you can achieve wearing black eyeliner and red lips is just amazing!!!
That really shows the power of make up. From being a plain and unattractive woman, you can change yourself into the Hollywood star.
I remember myself being a teenager who saw myself in the mirror as a round faced girl, with sparse eyebrows and bad acne.
I knew I wanted to change something, show people the better version of myself. I wanted to feel confident and beautiful.
So I started to experiment with make up. The first attempts where terrible and I remember myself wearing foundation few shades darker than my skintone and too much brozner and blusher.
After years of practise, getting to know my face and learning about new make up techniques, my make up started to look really good and my appearance changed completely.
I didn’t change only on the outside. My whole personality underwent a big transformation. I started to be confident, brave and unstoppable. Why I love make up and why am I going to be a great make up artist? The make up I did as a final look should be an answer to these questions.
I want every single woman to look and feel phenomenal. I want them to be confident, attractive, sexy and free!
I know that make up has a power to transform us from shy to confident, from unattractive to extremely sexy and gorgeous.
Too many women don’t know how to do a beautifying make up, too many of them hurt themselves with the badly applied make up.
We need good, passionate make up artists to show to all women benefits of a proper make up application and to bring the positive energy into their lifes.
Let the revolution begin!!!

Graduate from Puerto Rico







The look I chose was a sparkly smokey eye. I selected this look because it’s a very elegant yet very daring look. It also adds a festive feeling to it. This look is very wearable for the upcoming holidays. When I define make up I relate it to freedom. Freedom is one of the most powerful words that almost every person can relate to one way or another. It is an expression that is used in many forms of action. Make up artists have the ability to enhance a person’s outer beauty, give them self-confidence and transform them into someone they have been hiding inside just waiting to surface. I strongly believe that make up is my desire because it let’s me be as creative as I can be. Just knowing that you can re-create almost any look by adding your own originality and flavor to it is an amazing feeling. You also have the ability to work with limitless combinations of colors while loving what u do. Becoming a Makeup Artist is only the beginning for me with this opportunity I will strive to becoming one of the top 10 makeup artist in the world. Make up let’s me be me, simply FREE!!!!

Lorraine Colon

RPM graduate



Testimonials and Students Reviews

FINAL ESSAY: I chose this look because my model has deep brown eyes and I thought the purple and magentas would really bring them out. I wanted to create a wearable yet smokey purple look. I kept the lips nude since the eyes were more dramatic. I think I will be a great makeup artist because it is my passion!!! For eight years I’ve been studying on my own and trying to learn techniques and tips. Living in Branson, Missouri I thought makeup school was a far away dream. I would research schools and try to figure a way to make it happen. I considered relocating for a short time or travelling back and forth, but no option ever really suited my lifestyle and budget at the time. So, I continued just trying to learn on my own, telling myself one day it would happen somehow. I began doing makeup for friends for proms, weddings, etc. Soon I was getting referred to friends of my friends. I was doing small jobs here and there and I thought I could just get by doing that. After all, doing makeup had been my dream job for so long I was happy to just be doing it in any fashion. Then I heard about makeup schools online and I immediately searched it out. I knew that would be PERFECT for my situation. I found the Rain Makeup Academy had online courses and I was ecstatic!!! I signed up immediately!! I was surprised to discover how much I didn’t know about makeup from all the research I had done. I couldn’t wait to study and learn more from Rain! I was like just soaking up the information like a sponge!! Now here I sit just a few steps away from reaching my dream . I can hardly believe it was this easy when two or three years ago it seemed like such a far away dream. So, if I had to answer why I think I would be a good makeup artist I would just say because it’s my passion, my dream and what I’ve wanted to do with my life for so long! And on top of all that I just love the reaction people get when they see themselves in makeup. I feel like I contributed a little to their boost of confidence and the joy I see when they look at themselves. I always say makeup is an outside reflection of inner beauty and I love having the opportunity to let people see that!! I can’t thank Rain and her online school enough for this opportunity! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me in makeup! Thank you Rain for making it easier for me to reach my dream!

Stephanie DeCloud Branson, Missouri

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FINAL ESSAY: For my final piece, I wanted to do a look that not only shows my talent as an aspiring makeup artists but also my passion for creating art. I am obsessed with butterflies and for this piece I wanted to make my eyes look like the side view of butterfly wings. I love to use bright bold colors against very black “false and dramatic” eyelashes and feathers. I actually made these lashes by cutting down feathers and adding them to a set of eyelashes from the Makeup Forever line. This look took me about 4 hours to complete due to the technical aspects of making the lashes and applying all the makeup, and I feel that it shows my ability as well as passion for creating any style with makeup. My love for makeup came at a very young age. I remember growing up and my mother buying me and my sisters little play makeup kits and I would keep mine nice and neat and I was so fascinated at how different colored eye shadows and lipsticks made the face change. In junior high and high school I was known as the “makeup guru” any little amount of money I would make from babysitting I would spend on different eye shadow colors or lip glosses; you name it I had to have it. I was known for my dramatic cat eye eyeliner and different eye shadow colors that would match my outfits. For Halloween I would take liquid eyeliner and draw spider webs with spiders coming from my eyes. My first job as a practicing makeup artists began when I was a senior in high school, and that is truly when I fell in love with the makeup artistry industry. I began doing makeup for proms and moving my way up to wedding parties. The owner of the salon found it so fascinating that I could take one look at the persons complexion and know exactly what shade of makeup to use and what color eye shadows would suite the person well and how to apply the products well without any formal training. For proms all the girls loved my “glitter line” which I would draw a very thin line of glitter (any color) above the eye liner to enhance the eye shadow and really make the eye pop. But what really made me want to become a professional makeup artist was the joy I would leave on girls faces as well as older women after they had a mini transformation. Just by simply applying products to the face to enhance someone’s natural beauty and have that person beam and be so grateful for how you made them look and feel afterwards is really an amazing feeling. Taking this course was an amazing experience and I really did learn a lot and want to further my career as a makeup artist. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much for making the class easy to follow and so much fun! I learned alot and I will highly recommend my friends to take this course as well. It has been a pleasure to have you as an instructor 🙂

Thanks again 🙂 Danielle Morris Queens, New York

Testimonials and Students Reviews

For my final assignment, I chose the look that has made a big comeback, the “Pin Up”. It is so simple yet so glamorous. I loved the model I chose as well. I had never seen her with makeup before and seeing her light up after having put makeup on is the whole driving force behind WHY i want to be a makeup artist. I love and am truly fascinated how people can transform after just a few simple strokes of a brush. I have been a dancer my whole life and being apart of stage meant learning to put on a face, and while I dreaded having to apply my face each night, I always jumped at the chance to “help” someone with theirs. It was within this last year that I finally felt ready to move beyond enteratining and found myself dreaming of being in this beauty buisness. I love all things makeup, hair and now eyelashes. I did learn so much throught this course. I also since signing up took many workshops, and classes to learn more and it will never stop. I find that makeup is truly an expression of oneself but makeup to me also expresses to others the beauty that I see in them. I find that the most beautiful models are those who seem awkward to most of the world and wouldnt come across at first glance as a “model”. But seeing beauty in others and then translating that into real living art is the kind of artist that I aspire to be. I have found a new passion that I am so excited to study, to practice and play! It is also so very fun! I aspire to work in print one day, to be able to open a magazine and see my work. I love that in this buisness you can never “arrive” and therefore never be stagnant as long as you continue to love what you do and I love doing makeup. I know my skills are far from where I want them to be but I know that even as I write this, I feel the determination in my heart to take something that I think is good and build my skills to become great. I am at a starting place, and its very exciting to think of all the possibilities I want to create with faces. Thankyou for a wonderful course. I do wish your buissness continued growth and thankyou for being so helpful and personable. Janice Tevaga

Dear Rain

I am very glad that I have the chance to be one of your student am moving to dubai soon and I will open my buisness and for sure your photo and name will be there to show people there how proffisional you are.

Best wishes Rowida

“This (@RainAcademy) has helped in bringing out some of my qualities and abilities esp as beauty is concerned.”

Nelly Azinwi graduate

Wow, this was to the extreme! Not sure who was more worried with how the look would turn out, myself or my client. With the white, the brown and the black shadow, I was very skeptical as to how it would turn out. After I had the shadows on and started to blend I was relieved to see how the finishing look was going to be just what we wanted. I did find I had to do a little more cleanup around the eye then any of the other looks we have done. Overall I had fun with this, and it was a look that I would never think to do on my own so am I was thankful to go out of my comfort zone and learn it!

Rachelle Pancoast

Becky I feel was the perfect model to do my own look on. She is a beautiful middle aged grandma, who I felt needed a little pick me up to bring out her underlying features! In her words” I need a change, but don’t wanna look like a teenager”. I curled Becky’s hair and styled it, looked at what she was going to be wearing for her night out and gave her the perfect evening out make up look. I went with golds and browns for her shadows and highlighted her eyebrow, inner corner and bottom of her eye with a grey shimmer. I lined her eyes with black liner and made her eyes pop with black mascara. She looked smokin!! Becky took a picture and posted it on her Facebook and the comments back were overwhelming. “Stunning, vibrant, young, gorgeous ” we’re just a few I could remember. As a make up artist I felt proud of my work, and the smile on Becky’s face reading the compliments and the way she presented herself, she was thrilled with her new look. I felt it was a complete success when she asked if I could help her learn how to do her make up and what colors she should be using and how to style her hair so she can feel that good about herself all the time.
i feel I will make a great make up artist. I have always wanted to learn, just have never had the time to do it. I am very happy with the course, I feel very confident in what I’m doing with my clients. I am a hair stylist and I own a salon. I am thrilled to be able to give my clients full service hair and now makeup applications, they will go hand in hand. I feel one can never be too educated, so I will continue learning new ideas with make up and hair, and it will only benefit my salon growth!!!
Thank you for a fun on line course, I enjoyed very part of it! It is fantastic, that this is offered like this, so that it is possible for someone that has 2 kids, a job, owns a business and has a husband to make time to better themselves!
Joheymi Vanderhorst

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